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NHS Nursing pay rates for UK.

As of the 1st of April, 2004. The Department of Health (DOH) has issued an increase in NHS pay for Nurses and Midwives. This is an increase to national pay scales, increase to london allowances and also increase to all other cash based allowances.

  • National pay scales to increase by 3.225%
  • London allowances to increase by 3.225%
  • Latest NHS Pay Rates for UK from 1st April 2004
    NHS Grade NHS Salary
    D Grade £17,060 - £18,830
    E Grade (Midwifery) £18,230 - £24,785
    E Grade £18,230 - £22,015
    F Grade £20,220 - £26,180*
    G Grade £23,860 - £29,035*
    H Grade £26,650 - £31,960*
    I Grade £29,515 - £34,920*

    London Allowances

    Inner London

    Inner London allowances is granted at a fixed amount of £3,441 pa.

    This increase is for all Nurses grade A to I and consultant grade posts

    Outer London

    Outer London allowances is granted at a fixed amount of £2,688 pa.

    Fringe Zone

    Fringe zone allowances is granted at a fixed amount of £753 pa

    Cost of Living Supplement

    The Cost of Living Supplement for nurses is fixed at 4% of the base wage.

    Example of NHS Pay for E Grade Nurse working in Inner London

    Base wage: £ 22,015
    London Allowance (Inner London) £ 3,441
    Living Allowance (4% of £22,015) £ 880.60
    Total Pay (Before tax) £ 26,336.60

    Reference - details and figures taken from the Department of Health website:

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